Full Home-Based Learning

Full Home-Based Learning Routine

Reporting Time : 0730h

Prayer led by Prayer Leader.

Must-Dos for students

  1. Be punctual for your lessons.

  2. Have your thermometer ready for temperature-taking. This is part of monitoring your well-being.

  3. Although you are not in school, you have to be in school-approved attire with sleeves.

  4. Participate actively in your online lesson with your teachers.

  5. Should the lesson be in google-meet mode or zoom mode, you are to mute the microphone unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.

  6. Keep the camera on at all times during the lesson.

  7. Take turns to speak and only when called upon by your teacher.

  8. If you have questions, enter them on the chat-group so that the lesson proceeds smoothly.

  9. Complete your assignments and tasks according to the allocated time

  10. Sit upright in an appropriate and conducive location at home - away from noise if possible. (Not on your bed!)

  11. Maintain your respect and discipline at all times. Focus on the lesson and not be distracted by other personal activities.

  12. Express gratitude to your teacher at the end of the lesson.