Staggered dismissal timings for safety.

Boys will be led to the gate just beside bus-stop along Whitley Road opposite Caltex. This will take about 10 mins from dismissal time. Then if they so choose, they will be led to the main gate.

Thank you for your patience.

Term 3 (Assumption Term) time table. Click <here>

Quick Updates (31 May):

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  • Notes from Dean. 1 June, 6 May. Click <here>
  • Note on School Safety Measures (Mr Rene). 1 June. Click <here>
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Quick reminders :

- Thermometer

- School Diary

- Rag / Cloth for wipe down after every lesson

- Face Mask (Preferred) / Face shield (If have certified health conditions) to be worn at all times + ziplock bag to keep mask while at PE

- Hand sanitizer / personal hygiene items / wet wipes

- Your own snack / lunch box (to consume your own food during breaks/recess in our own classroom)

- All lesson materials according to timetable

Please ensure you have a neat haircut, clean short fingernails & white school shoes (in prep for HUBS check).

Attire: Full Uniform with School Tie + School Badge + Proper white socks and shoes

Assembly Venue: classroom

Do remember to use your handphone to scan the QR code at the school entrance to check in. If you miss it, please do so once you arrive in your classroom. A copy will be on the teacher’s table. You will also check out when you leave school.

If you are feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms, please stay at home. It is important for you to inform your FTs by 0715h via email.

If you have a family member in the same household who has contracted COVID-19 / has been served HQO or SHN / is ill with 5-day MC, you are to stay at home and inform your FTs by 0715h via email. If unsure, please ask teachers for advice.

Sit according to your index number when you report to class.

Note from Dean, Mr Lee Han Seng:

Dear students,

I hope you are doing well during this holiday.

1. Resumption of classes for FPA

On 2 June, you will be returning to school for lessons. It may seem like you are returning from a long December holiday but you are returning from two months of Circuit Breaker.

I believe many of you will be happy to come back to school (though some might wish to sleep in a little bit more) and some of you will be concerned with the progress of the students’ learning. However, with the long absence from the routine coupled with Home-Based Learning, it is important to help that you assimilate to the routine in the school. We will do the SJI way to care for one another's well-being and learning.

2. Academic Matters in Term 3

  • Assessment Matters

Term 3 will be a long term. Year 1 and Year 2 will have two assessments, one before and one after the mid-term break. The Year 1 will have the Term Assessment 2 as planned. The Year 2 will have the Common Test in Week 3. We will report the results in Week 7.

  • Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

As we are not able to meet your parents face to face, the PTM will be held the week after the mid-term break via teleconferencing or video-conferencing.

  • Subject Combination Briefing (For Year 2)

The subject combination briefing will be cancelled. The slides will be sent to you and your parents before you take the Common Test. We will give you a brief so that you are able to know how you can select the various subject combinations.

3. Safe School Measure (SSM)

Please note contents in email sent on SSM. You will need to be familiar with the measures and

carry them out. Your help to comply with these measures definitely will make SJI a safe place.

Please get yourself ready to come to school to meet your friends and teachers.

God bless.

Ora et Labora

Lee Han Seng (Mr)

Dean, Foundation Programme Academy

Please help with the following ISM surveys:

Thank you.

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