Mother Tongue Languages & 3rd Languages

Letters to parents regarding subscription to SPH Magazines:

Subscription of zbCOMMA in 2022_Letter to parents.docx

CL/HCL students

Subscription of Berita Harian_Letter to parents_2022.docx

ML/HML students

Subscription of Tamil Murasu_Letter to parents_2022 doc.doc

TL/HTL students

Briefing for Students taking Third Languages and Languages in-lieu of MTL (not including NTIL)

Dear Gentlemen,

This information is for all Year 1 and 2 students taking Third Languages and languages in-lieu of MTL.

We would like to conduct a briefing to you on matters regarding Third Languages and languages in-lieu of MTL.

The details are as follows:

Date: 21/1/2022 Friday

Time: 1230--1330

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1

Attendance will be taken, please proceed to LT 1 punctually.

Thank you!

Mrs Ng-Yeo Bee Kheng